Since 2001, I coach Individuals, teams, and  leaders to Dare.
I invite them to make bold decisions through organizational and personal transitions that start with their leadership and transform the way they communicate with others.
In the last few years I work more and more with International leaders who lead in cultural change, or go through the experience of expatriation like UN leaders, and  corporate executives.

Be realistic: Do the impossible!
— — Paris students during the 1968 student rebellion,

My clients

 Image by Elizabeth Galecke

Image by Elizabeth Galecke

I coach social leaders and expatriates, who go through personal change or lead a cultural change and know that it starts with them. Many of my clients are intentional leaders who lead others and themselves through a personal and cultural change and look for meaningful results.  they might also experience language barriers and intercultural challenges. I also coach Individuals who are ready to take on a new life path like a new career, relocation, and starting a new business or new non-profit.


Dare to BE

Dare to be is not about being courageous, it is about being mindful about the choices you make when you feel lost in the midst of a change. When you decided to take the leap and walk into the path of change you envisioned the results to look one way, but in reality the change took a shape of its own. Now what?

Daring is about identifying where are you out of balance while dealing with your change:

  1. Is your focus is on constant action?  Is there something you are trying to avoid? 

  2. Is your focus is on perfecting before moving? Is there something holding you back from making a decision?

No matter if you lead a cultural change or personal change, now it is about walking your talk and talk your talk. With the help of the DARE model you will:

  • Identify where you are on the path of change
  • Identify what are your current habits and behaviors
  • Bring new perspective to your current situation
  • Create new habits around the change that will lead to new choices
  • Learn how to sustain the energy that you can keep your new habits


It is not always easy to be a change catalyst (mostly it is very challenging). Some of my clients will shy away from their own strengths, while others will feel uncomfortable knowing that being who they are can intermediate others. But they will do everything they can to find the courage and confidence to lead because deep in their heart they know how important their mission is. They believe in the value of community, the value of integrity, the value of generosity and the importance of collaboration.

My Motto:

My motto is very simple: ""Don’t look for the differences in others, just open your mind and heart to see things differently.”   This is why I do everything I can to create bridges between individuals, leaders and organizations. I believe that to create real impact we can't work alone, we have to go out, and share our message, connect with others and be open to hear different ideas from different people. When we tune into listening we get surprised with what we can learn from and about others.



I provide four types of services that are all connected to my message of Dare to Be:

  • Personal Coaching - we will meet in person or through the phone to work on your goals. When we have our first consultation call and I learn from you about your needs and goals we will also discuss how long I assess that it will take us to work together.
  • Coaching Programs - In this program you know exactly what you get. You know what you will discuss in each session, you have a booklet with exercises that is included as part of your work with me in preparation for each session and homework. There is a fixed price that you pay in advance and bonus free personality assessment.
  • Team Coaching and Workshops - main topics: communication, language barriers and confidence, culture challenges, the vision the why shared goals gaps and commitment.  Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.  
  • Speaking - My talks are thought-provoking, engaging and REAL. 
    I commit to sharing personal messy stories while engaging humor and teach how to apply the DARE model that will help you show up differently and feed your energy to keep inspiring, influencing and creating.  Contact me to discuss more details. Read what clients say.

A goal is a dream with a deadline
— Napoleon Hill


Use my skills as a leader, speaker and certified coach to lead leaders to impact by creating bridges between people.

my mission is to impact.

While many programs focus on how to do leadership my main focus when I coach is how to be a leader. 

After coaching many clients I have found that  I can teach you the best tools and technics about how to be the best leader, team member, individual, but if your thoughts make you believe that you are not a good leader, or not ready as others, your fixed mindset will not allow you to show up as the person you want to be.
My impact is to coach you how to walk your talk, I call it "Dare to BE". Dare to BE is how to be more mindful of the choices you make (especially with your thoughts) and use your strengths in a way that serves you and your relationships with others. You will give yourself permission to experiment and be okay with trying new ways of being and doing. At times it gets messy, and you will make mistakes, but others will sense that you walk your talk and respond to you differently and start following you. These new way of being will feed your energy, help you make new mindful choices that will lead you to feel agile, aligned, confident, connected and ready to pave the change for yourself and others.


I did all the mistakes:

  • I followed magic recipes and how to's of others to find my system
  • I compared myself to others
  • I tried to fake who I am as a leader
  • I did everything but the meaningful to avoid my fears
  • I did not act because nothing was not good enough
  • I did everything in my power to NOT dare myself

My passion is to help you dare to be, so you can lead and impact from a true passion and integrity and see consistent and sustainable results.
When you start making new choices about the way you lead, influence and inspire others the transformative sustainable results will follow.  This is a place where your head, heart, and intuition are all united and aligned.


  • Honesty
  • Creativity
  • Diversity and respect of the different
  • Courage (while respecting the fear)
  • Experimenting
  • No excuses
  • Peace