Since 2001, I coach successful and ambitious social business leaders, executives, expatriates and individuals who want to move to the next level of success and understand that it starts with them. They want to create an impact in their community or lead a cultural change.

It is not our fear of taking the action that stops us.
It is about trusting our actions
— Noa Ronen

My clients

 Image by Elizabeth Galecke

Image by Elizabeth Galecke

I coach social leaders, expatriates and individuals who are going through personal change or taking on a BIG leap to achieve their biggest goals. Together we uncover the process that helps them learn how to trust their choices and to create systems that fit their needs so they can see meaningful and consistent results.

My clients want to challenge where they are and with doing that they also challenge us. They might still shy away from their own strengths but they do everything they can to find courage and lead because they are passionate about creating a difference in our world. They believe in the value of integrity, in being kind and the importance of collaboration. They challenge others with outside the box ideas and believe in creating a sustainable impact in our community and beyond.

Many of my clients are International leaders who lead cultural change, or go through the experience of expatriation and can experience cultural and language barriers. Some of my clients work at the UN, Non Profits, Pharmaceutical Companies and Software Companies.

My clients are intentional leaders who understand that leadership start with self leadership and focus on their personal development, .  

I also coach Individuals who are ready to take on a new life path like a new career, relocation, starting a new business or a new non-profit.


The dare model

I invite my clients to make bold decisions that start with their self leadership and transform the way they communicate and connect with others.

My motto is: "daring is NOT about taking an action, it is about staying with the action when you feel weak and keep trusting your decisions."

No matter if you lead a cultural change or personal change, now it is about walking your talk with integrity while listening first to yourself and then to others’ wants and needs.

The DARE Model is the result of my work in the change field  as a Change Management Consultant, Human Resources and Training Professional and a Certified Professional Leadership and Business Coach. I designed the DARE model  to meet you and your leadership where you are. 

The DARE model helps you identify what keeps you stuck, where are your barriers internally and externally and how you can close the gaps to reach your destination.
to learn more about the DARE model click here.

If you feel it is time to work with someone who will give you honest and sometimes blunt feedback that no one else is able or willing to share with you maybe it is time to work with a different coach that will help you:

  • Identify where you are in stagnation

  • Identify your blind spots

  • Bring new awareness and perspective to your current leadership situations
    and learn to trust your choices, or make new ones that serve you better

  • Learn how slowing down and moving away from fixing will take you far

  • Learn the secret of fixing habits without fixing

  • See yourself changing and others choosing to change because of you


It is not always easy to be a change catalyst (mostly it is very challenging) or lead a personal shift. Some of my clients will shy away from their own strengths and feel uncomfortable knowing that being who they are can intermediate others.
Other clients will struggle with everyone's opinion about the new choices they make in their life and even think that the path they chose is wrong.
If you feel that inside you know that this is the right path for you, for your community and/or for your team but you find that sometimes it is hard to stay courageous. If you feel it is hard to lead yourself and others toward your biggest goals.
Let me help you relearn to trust yourself,  to distinct between heart, gut and head decisions, and connect with your WHY COMPASS. The WHY compass is what will create consistent results and incorporate the value of community, the value of integrity, the value of generosity and the importance of collaboration.


I walk the daring path because I care about my clients.
Most of my clients look for a coach who will say it as it is. Who Dares. They feel that others don’t tell them what they need to hear or keep them with the uncomfortable. To say it as it is doesn’t mean that I am mean, it just mean that I am willing to invest in you and say what most people won’t tell you, and make you stay with the uncomfortable without feeling uncomfortable about it.
That’s where the magic of personal change happens….

  • Personal Coaching - Business leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching, Career Coaching. Coaching can be in person or phone/video call. The main focus is on achieving your biggest goals. First session is intake consultation call where I learn (and you get clarity) about your needs, your main goals and the length of our coaching partnership. Coaching can include 360 and personality assessments, identifying your leadership and life mission, your core values.

  • Team Coaching and Workshops - main topics: communication, language barriers and trust, creating bridges when culture challenges arise, strategy session - design the vision, the why, shared goals and team long run commitments and systems to support. Can include 360Team Assessment. Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.

  • Speaking - with speeches delivered to everyone from large conferences, to business groups I make sure each presentation is fresh and adjusted to your audience. Each speech is delivered with humor, messy stories, energy, and contains actionable strategies that your audience can implement right away.

    Your audience will come away inspired, entertained, and with new insights. 

    Book Noa to discuss more details.

A goal is a dream with a deadline
— Napoleon Hill


Dare to care about my clients so they can dare to care about what is important to them.

my mission is to impact.

While for many programs the main focus is on the actions you need to take to become a better leader, ( I call this approach “the doing of leadership,”) I believe that leaders need to learn how to be leaders. This is why when you work with me our focus is to learn how to observe your thoughts, emotions and values while you act and use these new awarenesses to learn how to improve your leadership skills.

Leaders who work with me learn how to stop feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. They stop being frustrated with trying to implement new tools and technics that don’t bring the wanted results. Together we create a personal strategy and process of how they can listen better to themselves, how others can listen better to them, and how they can work with others to achieve their big goals.

When you dare, you give yourself permission to experiment and be okay with trying new ways of being and doing. At times it gets messy, and you will make mistakes, but others will sense that you are walking your talk. The will see that you lead with integrity and choose to follow us. These new way of being will feed your energy, help you make new mindful choices and will lead you to feel agile, aligned, confident, connected and ready to pave the change for yourself and others.


I did all the mistakes:

  • I followed magic recipes and how to's of others to find my system

  • I compared myself to others

  • I tried to fake who I am as a leader

  • I did everything but the meaningful to avoid my fears

  • I did not act because nothing was not good enough

  • I did everything in my power to NOT dare myself

My passion is to help you dare to be, so you can lead and impact from a true passion and integrity and see consistent and sustainable results.
When you start making new choices about the way you lead, influence and inspire others the transformative sustainable results will follow.  This is a place where your head, heart, and intuition are all united and aligned.


  • Integrity

  • Creativity

  • Inclusiveness

  • Courage (while respecting the fear)

  • Experimenting

  • No excuses

  • Peace