Definition from the DICTIONARY:

DARE- Have the courage to do something  
BEING - Existence, The nature or essence of a person

The Four Dares:


Why Dare to BE?

  • Dare to Experiment 

  • Dare to Stay

  • Dare to Connect

  • Dare to invite the Different



Dare to Be coaching program focuses on how you are BEing with others. It is a context coaching.  I DO NOT aim to be a subject matter consultant, I did that for many years but when I started engaging the coaching skills into my work with my clients I saw my clients transforming, from solving a specific challenge to a complete sustainable transformation. The transformation was so quick that I pulled together all the tools I was using with my clients and designed the Dare to Be Program. It is a program that allows my clients to be who they really are and see results in their leadership, business and new life choices.  

Be realistic: Do the impossible!
— Paris students during the 1968 student rebellion,




What to Expect When You Work With Me?









Emerging Leaders, Global Leaders and Teams, Team and leaders looking to implement new culture of Daring through entrenupership and sustainable impact, International students, Individuals in Transitions, , Business Owners, Coaches who apply for ICF Credentials or aim for personal and professional growth


We work together to:

  • Design your desired goals - the goals that you know you are capable to achieve when you are at your best

  • We identify your why, your purpose in this world, your values

  • We Identify your strengths

  • You understand what is preventing you from taking the actions you want

  • You learn how to quiet your fears and access your wisdom

  • You learn how you can have better relationships and communicate what you want to say and see the following results:

    • be better with networking

    • be better with sharing your vision

    • find your desired job

    • be an influence and inspiring leader

    • people want to support you, follow you, buy from you

  • Each session is one on one and 45-60 minutes.
  • Intake Session - assess where you are and your goals and estimated time needed to achieve your goals
  • Assessments of your choice:
    • TILT360 Assessment
    • TRUE TILT Personality Assessment
    • Values Assessment
    • Strengths Assessment