The Four Dares:


Why Dare to BE?

  • Dare to Experiment 

  • Dare to Stay

  • Dare to Connect

  • Dare to invite the Different



Dare to Be coaching program focuses on how you are being with your goals, with your thoughts, with your actions. It is a context coaching that develop personal awareness and the leader within. Learning how you work, helps you change unwanted habits and work with your strengths, When you change others choose to change with you.

Be realistic: Do the impossible!
— Paris students during the 1968 student rebellion,



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What to Expect When You Work With Me?








Emerging Leaders, Global Leaders and Teams, Team and leaders looking to implement new culture of Daring through entrepreneurship and sustainable impact, International students, Individuals in Transitions, , Business Owners, Coaches who apply for ICF Credentials or aim for personal and professional growth


Leadership Coaching

Helps leaders achieve better relationships and trust, gain new perspective about their leadership skills and strengths, find the balance between getting things done and listening to others' needs, dealing with stress and their reactions to others when they feel distracted or out of control/getting things done, help social leaders get clear about their vision, values and the "why" and learn how to communicate it with others (especially with social leaders), strategies to deal with cross cultural communication and leading in global environment. Create a culture that invites experimentation.


Expatriate Coaching

Cope with relocation and transition, emotional impact, develop strategies to work with language barriers, strategies to work with culture barriers, leverage your uniqueness, strategies to network successfully and have a support system. Help with LinkedIn and resume writing. Design a new life path and recreate your life


Personal Coaching

Move from assumptions about how you should to get things done to how you want to create what you want. We move from procrastination, fears and/or perfection to understanding what works for you, the client. When get clear about how you work, we can create a system that helps you move forward quickly and aligned with your values, strengths and people who support you. 


We work together to:

  • Design your desired goals - the goals that you know you are capable to achieve when you are at your best
  • We identify your why, your purpose in this world, your values
  • We Identify your strengths
  • You understand what is preventing you from taking the actions you want
  • You learn how to quiet your fears and access your wisdom
  • You learn how you can have better relationships and communicate what you want to say and see the following results:
    •  be better with networking
    • be better with sharing your vision
    • find your desired job
    • be an influence and inspiring leader
    • people want to support you, follow you, buy from  you

  • Intake Session - assess where you are and your goals and estimated time needed to achieve your goals
  • Leadership and Teams Assessments of your choice:
    • TILT360 Assessment
    • TRUE TILT Personality Assessment
  • Personal Assessments
    • TRUE TILT Personality Assessment
    • Values Assessment
    • Strengths Assessment
  • Sessions length  45-50 minutes.
  • Individual sessions, unless working with a team