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Why Dare to BE?

I believe that norm is only a word and it is for you to decide its meaning. My talks, workshops, and coaching spark people’s desire to show up. I encourage them to stop flirting with change, or apologizing for challenging the norms and start paying attention to who they are as leaders, their why and their values. This is the beginning of a new conscious leadership that many leaders don’t have the luxury, or time to think about but is necessary for their success and leading in complex situations.

“ It takes courage to stay with the mess in order to see the full picture. Noa helps you to see beyond the actions, to the patterns of behaviors and emotions that can both help and hinder you on the path of self-discovery and connection with others.” UN Leader

Conscious leadership is what lead you to stop doing leadership and start being a leader. this is the beginning of a balanced leadership that engages the doing and being and help you make better decisions.

I walk the daring path because I used to let my fears and my assumptions about being different to control my actions.

Daring is not about taking an action. Daring is about having the courage to stay when you feel resistant, overwhelmed and fearing of fail/rejection. 
It is how you are being with your goals, with your thoughts, with your actions. It is how you impact.

““Hard work is about risk. It begins when you deal with the things that you’d rather not deal with: fear of failure, fear of standing out, fear of rejection. Hard work is about training yourself to leap over this barrier, drive through the other barrier. And after you’ve done that, to do it again the next day.”
— Seth Godin







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I work with progressive business leaders and social leaders who break the rules, who won’t settle for the norms. Their challenge is to stay on the path of the change, stay focused. and stop apologizing for being different or thinking differently They dare so they can create an impact they care about in their organization, community and life.
What sometimes they lack is the time to reflect and move into conscious leadership that can identify their blind spots.

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Coaching for Expats

Design a new life/leadership path when everything is different and new.
Cope with the expatriation/relocation/student exchange program experience, Learn the steps to overcome language barriers and cultural barriers. Leverage your uniqueness and the international experience to be at your best now and when you go back to your country. Learn strategies to network successfully and have a support system.
*Help with LinkedIn and resume writing.

What stood out most for me is that Noa understood very quickly who I was as a person so that we could work on my goals. Also she had been in the same situation as me as an executive woman expatriated so we could share our experiences.
— Executive and Expat leder in Banking

If I want to work with you does it matter where I live?
I coach people from all around the world. I have and had clients from Vietnam, Russia, Israel, Haiti, Japan, France, India, Germany, Sweden and of course the US.
Group coaching or individual coaching can be one-to-one through the phone, video call or face to face (depends on your location.)

But if I work during the day?
I start my coaching sessions at 7AM EST to accommodate my working and executive clients. Many clients prefer to talk with me during their lunch time or morning time.

How long is a session?
Most coaching sessions are 45-50 minutes
For in depth work, or work with expatriates that English is their second language you can have a 1.5 hours coaching session.

How long do we work together?
Duration of work - we start with four to six months of intense work (three sessions a month) and than we move to six months with one or two sessions a months, depends on the clients and their pace.


“Noa has a special talent of asking the right thought-provoking questions that enable people to discover a deeper understanding of the challenges they face, which then results in realistic, actionable roadmaps for change and growth. “
— Healthcare Executive Leader

My clients say that I am super intuitive, they work with me because they want to have honest conversation and do the hard work so they can show up. And if they don't? I call on them and ask them to show up fully.

Keeping You on Course
My role is to make sure that our conversation is aligned with your values and the big goals that brought you to work with me. We have to make sure it is a conversation that will lead you to see the results you want. I will make sure that your conversation stays on course. If I sense that the topic/your ideas become a distraction I will check in with you.

I always share resources like: books, TED talks, articles, podcasts and systems that can help/inspire you but won't distract you!

In the end of the conversation and session I ask the same question: “What is your biggest takeaway?” and we create an action plan until our next session.

“I will carry with me many of the lessons and insights and will strive to use them in my day to day life. Thank you for being a wonderful coach and human being! You bring out the best in people.”
— Efrat Baller Moses, Artist

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Noa is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC, CPCC) Trained with CTI and abide by the ICF code of ethics
Associate coach with "the Choice in Coaching": Arbinger Mastery Advanced Program for advanced Coaches (ACN).
Certified Master Tilt365 Practitioner - 360 assessment, personality type assessment and team assessment.
CC, Toastmasters.
Ronen holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management (MBA) from Derby University UK-Israel, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Beer-Sheva University, Israel.