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Dare to BE - Life/Business Coaching

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What are you not daring yourself to do right now?

Who is the person you are NOT Being/Doing right now?

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Do you know what you need to do but you just don’t?
My question to you is:

Who is the person you are NOT being right now?

We make it very complicated, but it is quite simple. You sit there and ask yourself – why am I not doing what I am supposed to do? Why am I not doing what others do?
Most coaches and motivational speakers and self-help books will tell you that if you want to move forward to your desired step you JUST NEED TO DO IT AND STOP BEING AFRAID.

But how???? Seriously! How??
I have asked myself the same question.

You see, more than 12 years ago I moved from another country to the US. I moved here with executive experience and MBA but since I didn’t have an American experience nor American education I couldn’t find a job.

It was one of the most confusing, upsetting, frustrating time periods in my life. Now I can even say that it was one of the darkest and messiest years in my life. I was lost in the woods of New York City, trying to figure out my life, I tried to figure out how can I shift my reality, but I couldn’t find the answer. But then, from the deep frustration, from the place of no hope and boredom I tapped into my creative soul. Creativity is one of my strengths, and it is also what that helps me move from nothing to action. From the decision to act, one hour later, for the first time in my life, I launched a blog with my first blog post.

I started writing about my messy experience in the US and soon after in period were blogs were the new thing that everyone was excited about, the phone started ringing, and emails started to pure and even few requests to write from magazines. The blog transformed into small relocation consulting business. When I launched my new website, suddenly few women called me and asked: “How did you find the energy to start a new business in a new country? We are so stuck with our life – will you coach us?” Ha! That was my calling! I felt that they saw in me something that I still wasn’t able to see in me. I did some research about the coaching training and profession, got hooked, started the coach training and became a certified professional coach.

Excited with my new profession that filled my heart with passion and joy I began working on it, but I wasn’t aware that starting a new business is not an easy work. I was always a doer; a get it done person. Doing and take on massive projects was never a big deal for me. But to my surprise, it was harder than I expected. Yes, I knew from my MBA education the how-tos of running a business, but how does it help if you don’t make it happen?

Don’t get me wrong; I did some because doing made me feel like I am doing the doing. But in reality, my doing was an illusion, I would have ten tasks, and I would knock down 8,  it would make me feel excellent since I achieved so many in such a short time, but, I didn’t do the two tasks that were the most important ones. The ones that were a game changer and would allow me to leap with my business.
I was so frustrated with myself… I knew what I needed to do but I didn’t, I couldn’t understand why the Noa who was a get-it-done executive is not able to act on her two big goals? Why am I not being the person I know I can be???!!!


What’s In It For You?

In Dare to Be program instead of focusing on the WHY questions, we will concentrate on understanding what is preventing you from doing, what is preventing you from daring myself to take the big leap with clarity and meaningful actions that create sustainable results.

The Outcomes of Joining this Program:

  • When you Dare yourself to BE, the actions come with ease!

  • When you understand what is preventing you from doing you find peace in your heart

  • When you Dare yourself to BE you shift from aimless doing to MEANINGFUL doing

  • When you Understand what is preventing you from doing your work on your goals in a stress-free environment

  • When you dare yourself to BE you will manage your thoughts and feeling.   

  •  When you Understand what is preventing you from doing you fear-less and take on bold actions.

The Program

  • This coaching program consists of nine 1X1 sessions with Noa.

  • Each Session is 45min

  • The program is between 3 to 5 months depends on your pace.

In the Dare to Be Program, You will

  • Work with exercises and tools that will help you get clarity, tools to learn how to move into action.

  • Engage all parts of self: Head, Heart, and Gut that will help you access your Imagination, Emotion, Intuition, body responses and move quickly into doing.

  • Receive homework that will help you experiment with your life/career/business. In each session, you will receive homework that will combine:

  1. Noticing yourself

  2. Journaling

  3. Assess -  what’s working and you need to do more of, and what's not working and you need to do less /stop/change


What will we cover in each session?

  1. Design Your Desired Goals – design your coaching goals

  2. At Your Best - Part I - identify your why and life purpose, identify your values

  3. At Your Best Part II – Identify your strengths

  4. Access your wisdom/high self/captain and lower the volume of your fears

  5. Personality Assessment - Tilt365 (Gift worth $39)

  6. Declutter your life space – find more balance and less stress
    Design what are you saying YES/NO 

  7.  Energy Assessment & Habits that will support your productivity and stress level.
    Win the Morning Win the Day – morning habits that can support you

  8. Relationships Mindset – how to hold yourself in a way that people enjoy being/networking with you
    or buying with you.

  9. Be the Director of Your Life/Business – Design your support team

You will leave this program

  1. Focused – you will be intentional about your doing

  2. Managing your fears and emotions - no more roller coaster feelings

  3. You will see results – from feeling that you're doing or show any results you will see transformation

  4. Knowing that you deliver to your full potential

The full fee for this program is $1497 + $39 for the Tilt365 Personality Assessment.
But, I am running now an end of the year Holidays special.
Sign up by Dec 15th and get a special fee of $997 for 9 sessions coaching program and you will also get a special gift from me - a Tilt365 Personality Assessment free of charge (worth $39).

This price will go up on December 15th so don't wait too long!!!