Be realistic: Do the impossible!
— Paris students during the 1968 student rebellion,

The SIX Dares










  • Dare to BE Real and Honest

  • Dare to Notice

  • Dare to BE Present and Listen
  • Dare to Experiment (vs perfecting)

  • Dare to Give Feedback

  • Dare Not to Have All Answers intentionally

Dare to work with a coach who will stretch and challenge you, dare to do a deep work that will last and upgrade the leader you are internally and externally. 

You signed up for a leadership program to improve your leadership skills. You learned how to communicate better in challenging situations with peers and employees. You learned how to respond rather than react to someone who is resisting you or the organizations’ ideas. You learned about your strengths and weaknesses and how to incorporate them when you talk with people who are different than you and you even learned how to listen more and talk less.
Full of energy you go back to your office and try to implement everything you have learned with one of your peers. You were thinking about this person while you were going through this program, he is one of the people you find very challenging. You invite your peer for a conversation and try a few of the techniques you have learned and practiced during the program, but strangely, all the things that worked very well for you during the leadership program don’t work at all during the conversation. You feel unauthentic and the conversation doesn't go as well as you expected. You both leave the conversation uncomfortable and frustrated, what went wrong? With no real value to your practice, soon enough you find yourself going back to your old ways. 

From the Dictionary.
DARE - have the courage to do something  
BEING: Existence, The nature or essence of a person

Dare to BE leadership Coaching Program is not a skills-based program. Dare to BE works on your inner leader through the context of your work. I invites you to observe, notice and experiment more and DO LESS. While working with leaders and BEing a leader, I craved a program that doesn’t focus on the need to fix others' behaviors quick and fast, but creating a program that when I, the coach, leave you, it is impactful and sustainable. Teams and leaders get it and see a core change rather than resistance. 

what does it mean?










  • Intake Session - assess where you are and your needs

  • Personality Tilt assessment: Team and/or Leader assessment
  • 360 Assessment
  • 1/2 day or Full Day Team Workshops
    • Identify Team values
    • Team self-awareness
    • Team at best - how to not overuse behaviors and strengths.  
    • Strategy and Execution - design a clear plan to execute the right strategy for working together to create better communication and feedback and overall trust.
    • Next step - how can the team take their learnings and use them when things don't work well. 
    • Commitment - what each of the team members can say YES and NO to so they can serve the system of the team better. 
  • 12 Sessions - 1X1 Leadership Coaching (6 months period)
    • Assessment - understand your current mechanism with the help of personality type assessment. This assessment will invite you to go out of your personality type box and use other areas and resources you are not utilizing enough right now.
    • What needs fine tuning? - 360 feedback from others and identify what's working and areas for improvement - there is a deep noticing here rather than doing.
    • Design a plan - We create a plan that will help you move into better leadership and being an agile leader.
    • Experimenting - be open to notice and try until you get to your desired goals.
    • Impact and Sustainable Plan - design a tangible plan of how you can keep what you have learned with me and make it sustainable, how you can make better choices when I am not around, since we both know that as a leader there is always another challenge coming on your way. 
  • Optional Team Coaching

Dare to Be program focuses on how you are BEing with others. It is a context coaching.  I DO NOT aim to be a subject matter consultant, I did that for many years but when I started engaging the coaching skills into my work with my clients I saw my clients transforming, from solving a specific challenge to a complete sustainable transformation. The transformation was so quick that I pulled together all the tools I was using with my clients and created the Dare to Be © Program. It is a program that allows leaders to be who they are without the need to fake something they are not, and still see results.  


 Since 2001, Noa helped leaders in organizations to Dare, to make bold decisions through organizational and personal transitions that started with their leadership and transformed to the way they communicated with their team and the world as a whole.