Monthly Short - Butterflies

Can I be honest and share that I edited this part more than a few times? It reminded me of a situation I had a few years ago when I was not able to write even one single word. I was so frustrated and tried different ways to understand how can I get out of this mess. For years I dragged myself in circles because I believed  “my English is not good enough,” but my ah-ha moment was when I learned that my overachiever didn’t approve any of my writing, even before I put anything on paper. My thoughts defeated me even before I actually put any word on the paper. But by acknowledging that it is not others’ approval I am searching for but my consent, something interesting/weird happened; I was able to write! Not only that I was able to write, but I could also sense it internally, It was as I have had little butterflies in me, the butterflies got excited when they liked what I was writing about. So now when the butterflies say yes, I can keep going with this email. Hence the glass of red wine was helpful too... :-)

My Most Watched Video Last Month
 On social media 
One of the most watched videos I posted in November was an inspirational short about kindness. It was Monday and also the world Kindness day. I wanted to invite us all to bring attention to the people around us and do something kind. Many studies show that being kind to others, as well as to yourself can make you feel better, especially if your health is not where you want it to be. When we are kind to others, we shift our attention from our worry and frustration to focus our thinking on someone else.  There is no need for big projects to be kind, the simpler you make it, the more you will do it.
December can be very stressful for many people, so find a moment to be kind to self or to others. 
Click here to check out the video - it is only 1 minute.
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