Monthly Short - New Year and Dessert

What I am Thinking about...
The New Year, Dah....
We returned from Las Vegas yesterday, and it made me think that the coach work is very similar to the Uber/Lyft/Taxi drivers. We knew where we wanted to go, we even had a car, but who wants to drive to the strip and find parking? Not us... So we called an Uber Driver. This is what I do, I help people to get from where they are to where they want to go. The only thing that might be different is that you don't need to speak with an Uber driver.
Anyway.... New Year, New Goals, Resolution, One Word for the year. This is all so stressful. Everyone one around sending emails to my inbox with how I need to renew myself and become successful and work to become a better self, and it is just... exhausting, and stressful and... maybe for some it works well, but maybe, if I can suggest to train yourself to work on long-term progress, rather than waiting for the New Year to start? 
Especially after this holiday season, with packages all over the place and Amazon prime drivers, and FedEx and UPS everywhere... I  believe we became the Amazon Prime generation. We get used to getting things at our front door in two days or less, and if it takes longer we get restless. But you know what? it takes time to create a change. Maybe the New Year is a good place to start, but I dare you to look beyond the two weeks of changing something in your life, even 30 days... take it to the long run. Ask yourself, what is it that I want to change that can stay with me for years? 

What inspired me this month?
The Dessert. Raising the kids in New York city made our traveling life and our move to North Carolina very challenging. For our kids, many cities and the living in North Carolina itself feels like the desert. My husband and I thought that if this is what our teenage kids think maybe we can plan a revenge trip and take them to a real desert? We tried the desert in Israel a few years ago but they stayed in the car. It was just too hot. So they had no excuses when we traveled to Las Vegas at Christmas. Not only that, we made sure to take them to the Death Valley. Who can enjoy a death valley? My teenage kids of course. 
Yes, I am kidding, we knew it will be beautiful, walking in dunes, sand-rocks with different colors, salt lake? It was heaven. I love the desert. As a college girl I used to take school kids to hike in the Israeli desert and that's when I realized how much beauty and magic you can find in this yellowish scenic. I didn't realize until our move to North Carolina how much nature is important to me. You see, not like us, nature is always present. Think about your dog, when you come back home it smiles at you, they are present with you (okay, maybe they think future forward about the food you will give them, although that might be more of a cat thing?) but really animals are always present, they don't have a destination point or goals. Their goal is to live. So this where I am going to contradict some of what I have written in my first paragraph and invite you to be in nature and forget about your future. Enjoy the colors, enjoy the greatness of nature and the quiet it can bring to your head/life/career/relationships.

My Most Watched Video this Month
I stopped my car to touch the snow. It was after being 3 days in the house and having the cabin fever. Check my video here