Monthly Short - About Coffee, Balance and Rainbows

What's going on?
This morning when I drove I suddenly got scared... what if I don't like coffee anymore? 
If you know me, you know how much I love coffee. But in the last few weeks, it is as my body says "Nope! I don't feel like it" so I drink tea. In the last few years, I took myself on a mindfulness journey where I pay better attention to what I eat. For example, I was not always a fan of my lunch meals, so when I finished feeling unsatisfied with what I ate, it triggered a want to eat as compensation. I wouldn't be aware before of this behavior until I started listening to my body and providing it with meals that satisfy it, then I didn't need to think about it anymore. Each time I am amazed by how easy it is to shift into an autopilot mode with the actions I take and the thoughts I have. But come on! No more Coffee for me? Could it be that my body is telling me it needs a break for good? Stay tuned!
Oh! and for the adventurers in the room, you have to try this coffee idea with mint drops and Himalayan salt. So good! Check it here.

What I am Thinking about...
 Balance and Rainbows?
A few days ago I connected with my night owl and allowed myself a late night work. If you are a night owl like me, you love the unique silence of the nights when everyone is sleeping. A few years ago,  I decided to change my daily routine and decided to go to sleep in a reasonable hour and wake up very early in the morning. I let my clients know that they can book early morning sessions working and spent some time on a morning routine. My morning routine which includes meditation, journaling, praying and if I have the time, I will go out for a run and then write my daily goals for the day. Yes... mostly it is not as perfect as I want it to be, but I am aiming to start my days this way since it allows me to be focused and achieve much more. Before this new daily routine, I would be very scattered along the day and then do everything from 11:00 PM - 2:30 AM I was killing it (and myself).
Still, once in a while I still have a need to treat myself on late night work and a few days ago I treated myself again. One of my goals is to finish my first crappy book draft by March 3rd - it is a nice date to set up as a due date for a goal. 
So while I was sitting in my office and writing about the topic of balanced leadership for my book, suddenly, I has a poetic inspiration; could it be that faked balance is like the rainbow? How many times you heard your friends, spouse, people at work saying to you: "Oh! I wish I had more balance in my life." Like the rainbow, balance is also beautiful, but you can't touch it. Like the rainbow that needs the rain and sun be at the right angle to show up, the same is with balance. Here is my little secret, the real balance is not about wanting to have balance, it is about making HARD CHOICES. Hard choices of what you keep in your life and what you let go of, the problem is that we want to keep everything and then everything falls apart. Like me in the supermarket getting inside to buy just one thing without my cart, and a few minutes after I realize that I have too many things in my hand and I add one more thing everything will fall off my hands. So take a paper and write down everything you have right now in your life - I call it brain dump. Step two: choose, decide what you keep and what you let go of, at least for now. The rest? It will have to wait.

My Most Watched Video Last Month
 on Social Media 
One of my most watched videos in February was an inspirational short about Taking Risks
As much as I enjoy speaking at Toastmasters and test materials for my talks in conferences and other events, I felt that there is something I am doing or being that limited my ability to be funny and just BE me. I felt disconnected, and it took me a while to identify that it is the result of the way I rehearse for my speeches. I was overdoing rehearsals the speech had to be perfect, no notes no mistakes. Every time I aim for perfection I kill the funny me and I had to bring her back. I missed her and the connection it brought me with the audience. So I decided to take a risk and rehearse half the time and be okay that I might not be as ready. It worked. I was funny again, and I could sense how free I felt on stage.
Click here to check out the video 
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