Monthly Shorts - Spring Flowers Bring Some Stress Showers?

Spring Flowers Bring Some Stress Showers?
People who know me might say that mostly I am a very calm person, even when my life is full I will be able to keep going without stressing about it. But yesterday there was a moment when I felt so stressed as if the only thing left was to cry.  Like the Spring (unless you get Spring Allergies) I am very grateful for every opportunity that knocks on my door. I do what I love, I work with people I love, I hang out with people I love, and I write and talk about what I love without the need to fake who I am or want to be. I live my choices. And still, even when everything is positive you could experience high levels of stress. Retrospectively, I can't recall many situations in my life where I felt that high level of stress. It was as I almost believed that there is no way I achieve the goal deadline. Knowing myself I believe that no matter how much I have I can handle one more thing. Not yesterday. I am all for getting messy and experimenting without having all the knowledge, I can figure out the unknown, but yesterday I wanted everything to be perfect while other things around me weren't. 
Perfect is my trap, every time I want perfect I kill the creative within. My creativity doesn't function very well in perfection, she feels limited and out of breath. I am still trying to figure out what brought my stress levels to be so high, I don't have the answer yet, but what did help was to recognize that perfection took over, that she was running the show. To help myself move forward  I asked perfection to step aside and asked creativity to move forward. Perfection sucks my time and energy, creativity triggers my resourceful self. This is when I can change the conversation from  "I don't have enough time (resources)," to "how can I be more resourceful to finish this task?" this is when I can quiet my mind and focus on what's need to be done.
Take a moment to ask yourself:
Which voice takes from your power? How does it look like when that voice run the show? How can you ask that voice to move aside? and who can you bring instead to take the lead/take over?
Dah! of course, I finished the task on time, moving on.

What have I listened to lately?
Since my older son, who is 16, crowned me as the ancient one I feel that I can live peacefully with the fact that when I hear Ariana Grande my body starts itching.
I get it, she is an independent woman, but would it be okay just for once, that when I open the radio I won't hear her signing "7 rings"?
So to open the circle (read the next item below to understand the context) I listen to podcasts.
One of the podcasts I truly enjoy listening to is TED Radio Hour with Guy Raz. Guy Raz takes a topic and through TED talks and conversation with the speakers, he explores the topic in a deeper way. Since my "one word of the year" in 2018 was QUIET I was curious about the episode from November 21, 2014 (but still so relevant) about this topic: Quiet - Click here to listen to the full episode.
One of the speakers who left an impression on me is Magen Washington, a very known Australian Signer who shares a secret on stage.
Oh my god, what a voice and what a secret. Take a moment to listen to her TED talk/Sing you won't regret it. Click here to see her TED Talk and TED Sing
Click here to listen to her singing I truly enjoy listen to her music while I work on my book.
My Most Watched Video Last Month
 on Social Media 
One of my most watched videos in March was an inspirational short in the spirit of Pi Day (March 14) -  Walking in Circles. In this short video, I invite you to look at your choices, there is a reason you are stuck in a pattern that doesn't bring new results. If you want to make a change ask yourself where can I make new choices, and you will open the circle to a line that takes you toward your goal - from A to B. 
Click here to check out the video 
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