June Monthly Shorts - Disconnect to Connect

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What I Was Thinking About?
How much I missed being outdoors and running when I was sick this month.
Every year, somewhat at the same time, I get a cold when the Summer begins. This time it happened mid-May, and although I didn't have any fever, the cold took the lead and forcing me not even slowing down, but taking a pause.  Even though I was excited to put my book aside and work on other projects while the beta readers are reading my book, I couldn't. I was t-i-r-e-d; it was as if something sucked my energy. The hardest part was that I couldn't run or walk. Even when the cold ended, my body said: "no! I am not doing this! Still not ready," and I could see how my productivity is going down.You see, one of the things I learned from reading and listening to creative creators is that if you want to stay productive and create, you must have somewhat of a rigid routine for your day. Creative and rigid? This is a fascinating paradox. Until I coached artists and creators, I didn't realize that many of them must have a rigorous routine so they can keep showing up for their art day after day. It took me more than five years to realize that if I want to show up for my business, I must have a very rigid routine that helps me be creative and create. It doesn't matter that you need it, but it works for me. A big part of this routine is being in nature a few times a week and walk or run. It helps me disconnect to connect.
As a child, I spent most of my days outdoors, walking barefoot at the field, touching flowers, leaves, playing at the field that was at the back of our house or climbing on trees. Until our move to North Carolina, I was not aware of how much nature played a big part in my life.

Disconnect to Connect
I want to take a moment to chat with you about this idea - disconnect to connect. Electronics become part of our life, just this week, a client shared that sitting all weekend and watching Netflix to relax, actually made it worse for her; she felt restless. Many people who I read or listen to share that they create a particular routine during the day to make sure they can be productive. A new trend I see is that people suggest new ways to shield or how to avoid electronics and especially the smartphone. You have probably heard about no smartphone next to your bed, but one of the most extraordinary stories I heard was about a guy who locks his smartphone in the kitchen closet and uses earphones with noise isolation to make sure he doesn't hear any buzzes or beeps while doing his morning routine. Working on my book taught me that to accomplish my writing goals, I must put my iPhone as far as I can. On my browser, the only open tab was google search for my research. This is why, with all the distractions around me and constant doing, I find that nature is the right place for me to be. As the nature filmmaker and TED speakers, 

Louie Schwartzberg, 

says: "Nature is seductive." The shapes, the colors, the texture, the wind, the animals, they are all there to invite us to disconnect from the constant doing and planning or drifting into the past and slow down. Nature invites us to be present, at the moment with what around us. It is an excellent opportunity to quiet down the inner thinker, the inner-analyzer, and focus on what's else, or what's important? Maybe even gratitude. From sitting in one perspective in front of the computer, or running from one place to another, Nature whispers in our ears: "what else can you see?"I know, it doesn't happen each time, but when it does you slow down the constant doing and thinking and create a new, maybe even a quiet space, to connect with what you feel, what you breathe, what you see, and what you think and even with what you do.How do I bring that into my daily routine?As you know, I made running part joy part business, after I run I video my "on the run" videos which takes the guilt from not working - ubiquitous experience for business owners who think they can never take a break.Walk and talk - I moved many of my 1X1 meetings and even some work meeting to walk in nature, it is not always possible, but it worth asking. I find that most of the times, people will say yes!I am not the most successful Gardner, but many of my friends and clients are. They find that taking 20 minutes during the day to go out and work in their gardens can change their daily experience.Take a moment to ask yourself what routines help your day and week be more productive, creative focused?

What have I listened to lately? 
On our way to the boys' Taekwondo testing my older son suggested we listen to the soundtrack of the movie The Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel movies). For the next thirty minutes, I kept asking myself while driving: "Am I dreaming?" The songs are all from the 70s, like "Mr. Bluesky" that my youngest is obsessed with right now, and "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac. Later that day, I learned that my daughter listens to Guns and Roses, Metallica, and Blondie.  What??? I probably did something right with my parenting :-)

My Most Watched Video Last Month
 on Social Media 
Ha! that was a fun one. In this "On the Run" video, I showed up to the video with no topic. NO TOPIC! Check it out to see what happened :-)
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Monthly Women Walking Mastermind
Friday, June 21, 9:00AM-10:30AM

My friend Kelly Caldwell find pure joy in facilitating these monthly meetings. We already have the "regulars" and we always have new women who join and enjoy the unexpected experience. 
If you are not a fan of networking we created a system and structure that allows you to create connections through meaningful conversations. 
Why we do it this way? 
There is a lot of thinking behind the way we structured our meetings- we explain everything before we start :-) 

June topic: Your Internal Support Team.
Get to know the Internal voices that hold you back or help you move forward.