Labor Day Package, Lead Yourself to Success


Labor Day Package, Lead Yourself to Success

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This is a great offer that would last for only a week!
10 sessions package for a duration of 4 months
FREE gift to you - Personality Assessment worth $39 that can strengthen your relationships and impact

This offer expires a week from now, September 9th midnight 2018.

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Are you not getting the results you want? Don't wait until January there are people ahead of you in the game.

I helped many business leaders and executives achieve their big goals which started with leading themselves to success. The results: personal growth, confidence, consistency and better relationships with their team, their clients, and supporters.

One of the first sentences I hear from almost any of my new clients is: "I don't deliver." 
The problem is that the actions and habits that helped them and you get to where you are, might not work when you take the big leap, or when you are going through a big change in your life/organization.
There is a new game you need to play, and the rules you were applying until now are not working anymore. The problem is that most people will not feel comfortable telling you what you really need to hear, or don't have the knowledge or experience to provide you with the missing piece in your puzzle.

My clients work with me because they want someone who will tell it-as-is and who also has the experience, not only of successful leadership and business but also of being lost, being afraid and doing mistakes. I also dance between stretching and pushing you when you try to keep perfecting or leaning toward procrastination, and teach you how to focus on what's important. 

"When I started working on my social business with Noa everything went so slow, it felt as we are almost not moving, but Noa has the ability to connect with you like no one was able to do before, I trusted her, and she helped me to trust my decisions in time that I didn't feel as I can trust myself. Then everything started to move really fast and that was amazing and scary at the same time, but I knew that with the coaching I have with Noa everything will be fine. Today I have a structure and systems in place, the relationship with my business partner is thriving and we can see a huge progress with volunteers, supporters. The most important thing is that I feel focused and consistent and when I don't I give myself permission to stop because I trust that tomorrow I will be back and working." L.T. 
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How it works?

If I want to work with you does it matter where I live?
I coach people from all around the world. I have and had clients from Vietnam, Russia, Israel, Haiti, Japan, France, India, Germany, Sweden and of course the US.
Group coaching or individual coaching can be one-to-one through the phone, video call or face to face (depends on your location.)

But if I work during the day?
I start my coaching sessions at 7AM EST to accommodate my working and executive clients. Many clients like to talk with me during their lunch time or early in the morning.

How long is a session?
Most coaching sessions are 45-50 minutes
For in depth work or expatriates that English is their second language I also suggest a 1.5 hours coaching session.

How long do we work together?
Duration of work 10 sessions for 4-5 months, depends on the client pace.

Tilt 365Teams: team assessment
Tilt365: 360 assessment
True Tilt: Personality assessment - FREE WITH THIS PACKAGE

VIA values test
Strength Finder
At your Best Pictures and Strengths cards
Arbinger Institute methods

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