Noa is an inspirational  speaker, coach, mentor, trainer, and business consultant.


Aa a native Israeli, I bring an international perspective to my work. I merge my successful career in Change Management, Human Resources, Project managing and Organizational Development and Relocation and Expat Coaching with my passion of creating bridges between people that impact their leadership, business and life goals as a whole. 
My coaching style is direct, honest and very intuitive.  

I don't believe in “one size fit-all” coaching programs, unfortunately, what I find is that the magic formulas work charms on the person who developed them, but not on others. Many programs give you the band-aid solution, which is a skills-based approach. What do I mean? skilled based training will teach you how to DO leadership/business/life.  My clients are brilliant leaders, executives, business owners, individuals and teams who have much knowledge and skills, but they feel that they lack the communication skills that will help them to connect with others, repair relationships and/or focus and get things done .

In nutshell - the answer to my question: I will help you UNDERSTAND what is preventing you from getting from point A to point B. 
Understanding will help us
find your unique system and STAY there even when the coach leaves.

"I reached out to Noa because I needed my team to communicate better.
Noa helped me see what am I missing as a leader and be more sensitive to my team's needs.
I thought I was a good leader, but it was the first time I was able to get a real and direct feedback that helped me change the way I communicate with them andwork on shared vision, values, goals, and better communication with each other "  

"I want to share with you how profoundly your “talk” has changed my life…
You, Noa, made a huge impact in my life. 
Even if we never meet again (which I consider unlikely),
I want you to know that you made a difference in my life."



Noa is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC, CPCC) Trained with CTI and abide by the code of ethics of ICF.
Associate coach with "the Choice in Coaching": Arbinger Mastery Advanced Program for advanced Coaches (ACN).
Certified Master Tilt365 Practitioner - 360 assessment, personality type assessment and team assessment.
CC, Toastmasters.
Ronen holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management (MBA) from Derby University UK-Israel, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Beer-Sheva University, Israel.

Noa Coaches with the UN, UNDP Leadership Development Pathway Coaching Program since 2013, this is a special program to support executives all around the world.


Noa is the  NetExpat, a coaching services Relocation company. Noa coaches and trains expats and expat partners who move/repatriate to the US or relocate from the US to other countries.


Giving back and community Leadership:

2015- 2017 President of the ICF Raleigh Area Chapter
2015 - President-elect of the ICF Raleigh Area Chapter
2014-2016 Membership VP Toastmasters Cary Club #3335
2014 Program chair of the ICF Raleigh chapter.


For additional information about Coaching Services, Coaching Programs, or book me to speak at your events and conferences, please contact Noa here 

“If you don’t like how things are, change it, you are not a tree.”
— Jim Rohn