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Most of us have so much to do, and not so much time to reflect.
In her different talks Noa encourages progressive leaders, executives and individuals to move from constant doing of leadership to being leaders.
This is a new way of being with your goals, actions and thoughts which lead to a balanced leadership.
You BEcome a better leader who dares to never settle on the norms and create the change you care about.

The audience will leave the room ready to use the unconventional DARE model which teaches them how to create a balanced leadership that is consistent and sustainable.


Daring is when you tell yourself:
“I am the one who defines the norms and no one will put me in a box anymore.”
Decision is a great first step, but then you need to stick with it and move to action so you can see the results you want.
Coaching can help you bounce ideas, break through obstacles and stay committed to your vision so you could create the change you care about.  

What Noa found is that the higher you are with your role, the more isolated you feel and the hardest is for others to tell you the truth. Noa commit to help you achieve your goals through conscious leadership and always give you honest feedback.