Clients Say


“We were delighted to have Noa speak at our Vend Raleigh Coaching Showcase. We felt her message was very engaging and yet broad enough for everyone in the room, at all stages of life and business. We were especially impressed the way Noa “kept it real” when addressing the fear business owners often feel when approaching the next step. We invited her back to speak at a leadership event and our October 2016 signature conference Illuminate !” Cary Heise, Founder of Vend Raleigh


Noa Ronen spoke in February 2017 at the Creating Connections Conference in Raleigh, NC, where she was the keynote speaker. Noa has a gift for totally engaging her audience through a variety of professional coaching techniques.  She asks thought provoking questions that can’t be answered with a one-word response of” yes “or “no.”
Throughout her keynote addresses, she not only encouraged me to embark on a project I’d been contemplating, she helped me, (along with many others I’m sure) to realize that it was time to move the idea from the paper to implementation.  She gave everyone a sense of ‘can do!’
I highly recommend Noa for groups who are looking to: build efficient and effective teams, audiences who  want a solid motivational speaker who is able to deliver concrete suggestions based on real life scenarios, and organizations that need a fresh pair of eyes to help them better focus and redirect their mission if needed. Mari Fitz-Wynn, founder, Heart for Home School Ministries (HFHS)  


"Noa spoke to our Chix in Business group a few weeks ago with the topic “Dare to Be”.  I love seeing our group engage with her on topics that help them grow and learn about themselves- it is so incredibly fulfilling. She is such a positive and encouraging teacher and truly believes in what she speaks, I felt like our members received so much from her presentation and I did as well! Noa speaks from her heart and shares powerful knowledge that helps us face our fears and take on challenges with hope and courage. This enables us to grow and to become more empowered. I would highly recommend her as both a speaker and as a coach. I am so grateful for all I have learned from her over the years!  Elizabeth Galecke, Owner, Elizabeth Galecke PhotographyFounder, Chix In Business

Mentor Coaching

“I had the privilege of being coached and mentored by Noa to prepare for my ICF coaching credential.  After talking with other coaches, I felt a true connection with Noa. I have been a coach for many years, I knew she was the one to partner with to get me where I wanted to go.  Noa is amazing – truly a gifted coach with keen intuition and many techniques to open doors to new insight. With Noa, I was able to deepen my understanding of core competencies, enhance my own coaching skills, and ultimately receive my ACC.  With many hugs and much thanks!” Kathy Jo Pollack, MA, ACC, CTACC Life Coach

Noa Ronen is a terrific coach. She has a kind of quiet intelligence, where she truly creates a space for you to be honest, to be bold, and to dream big. She is also highly creative and fun. She has been a coach mentor to me, and I know my coaching is stronger through my work with her. I highly recommend her. Amy Harbison, Open Window Coaching.


As a coach, Noa has a gift of knowing how to push and challenge when needed and pull back and hold the space in a nurturing way at other times.  I still use many of the tools that Noa gave me  today when I get stuck or feel overwhelmed with life.  Noa is talented, creative and an incredible coach. Roni Givati, Internal Executive and Leadership Coach, Agile Coach

"Having started my own coaching practice six months ago, I have had the privilege of working with Noa as a coach and mentor.  Noa has been an invaluable resource to me, working collaboratively to help me explore and realize my professional and personal potential.  I have tremendous respect for Noa’s intuition, honesty, and unique ability to champion and challenge me along my journey.  I would recommend her services to anyone who is interested in growth!" Amanda Baker Wright, ACC CPCC Life Coach

"Noa came highly recommended from a coach friend of mine. I was in need of clarity, inspiration, and business building guidance and that is exactly what Noa provided! Working with Noa I gained clarity on who I wanted to work with, she helped me find my “why” which inspired me to persevere through the difficult times being a new entrepreneur, and as an experienced coach and business owner Noa also served as a mentor when my needs called for her to remove her coach hat and put on her mentor hat. I am most grateful for Noa’s ability to really listen and connect and know what I needed from her and our coaching. Thanks, Noa!" Katie Schwartz, CPCC, ACCC

"I feel so lucky to have you in my life, I cannot imagine this peaceful feeling that I have now without you."

Coaching Teams, Leaders and Individuals

"Noa worked with me and my team for more than two years. We work in a diverse/international environment where needed to bridges between cultural differences that at times it can be very challenging. Noa helped me become a better leader and she worked with me and my team to create shared goals, values and appreciate and learn how to respect each other's differences and collaborate. I highly recommend Noa as a team and leadership coach for multicultural teams that need to work better together."


"Thank you, Noa! Feeling so much better (and productive) since our call."


From Elizabeth Galecki Photography, newsletter January 2017:
"...It has been a while since I wrote with updates on what's all going on here. I don't want to start out the new year looking too much at the past, but felt it was time to write a bit about the last few years. My husband, Ted, and I separated 3 years ago and everything settled this last fall...New beginnings...Part of my transformation in the last year has been getting back to the things that I truly love. I talked with my life/business coach, Noa Ronen, and had mentioned that I had planned to challenge myself to walking almost every day. She gave me a project to go with this, posting to social media something I saw, listened to, or something that inspired me each day as I walk. I decided to take a photograph in nature every day slowing down to see again, and notice things I passed by without seeing in the last few years. As I started walking each day, I did notice so many things. I was feeling more awake and open. I walked for 30 straight days and posted a photo every day to facebook and instagram. I came up with the title and hashtag #eyeswideopen. Please follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook to see the quiet landscape vignettes I have been capturing each day.  Soooo, two exciting things have come up because of the sweet response to the photos I have been posting, This coming Monday, Jan. 9 at 1pm I will be interviewed on Marilyn Shannon's show "Breaking Free" and in March, I will also have a gallery exhibition of my photographs in Chapel Hill at the Ackland Museum Store Gallery! I am soooo excited! See info below...All of these new opportunities are part of my dream that I have been working on the last year. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I hope you all have an amazing 2017." 


"I am a psychotherapist who sought Noa’s services in order to deal with the challenges of being separated from the father of my kids. Suddenly I had to raise my kids on my own and make many difficult decisions such as buying an apt, deciding where should I settle down, and start dating. Noa helped me get connected with my vision; she used different visualization exercises that helped me bring my vision to life. Noa works close to the body and focuses on the body as a vehicle of change. Her methods are powerful. Since I have started working with Noa I feel more empowered. I finalized my divorce,  learned to accept and embrace my ADD, moved to a new neighborhood with a bigger apartment and start dating. Noa is an emphatic caring and powerful healer who is devoted to helping make dreams come true. I recommend her highly." S.L.

‘Be the Director of Your Life”
— Noa Ronen

“I would like to thank you for the rare experience of participating in the group coaching session. It was a remarkable few weeks where I went through a lot of self-learning and awareness and had a paradigm change in my outlook on my life - present and future. You left me with valuable tools to analyze and change crucial elements of my way of thinking. What I learned from Noa and other members of the group was both practical for a crisis I was going through at the time and for future steps to resolve anxiety and stress. I was also greatly empowered by being in a group of other woman and I realize how much we share and have in common. I will carry with me many of the lessons and insights and will strive to use them in my day to day life. Thank you for being a wonderful coach and human being! You bring out the best in people. Noa and the group supported my decision to leave my old job after they changed the contract, knowing that the group and Noa believed in me gave me the strength to move forward. A month after I left my job, I found a new one that paid me more. Moreover, I was able to keep parts of my old job as a consultant. Having these successes made me realize I would like to keep working with Noa to achieve my next goals that were very important for me; finding the balance between my work, my family and my passion for creating art. A year after we started our work together I had my first show in years in the Soho, NYC." Efrat Baler-Moses, Artist

"Thank you for today. It was a big wake-up call."


"I reached Noa to move past my fear of being judged and feeling vulnerable about opening up honestly and being able to let go of my inhibitions.  Sometimes I felt as though I needed to have a strong front and it was difficult to admit that I had all these weaknesses. Noa made me feel at ease.  From the start, I felt validated.  Noa was able to help me navigate through obstacles and provide me with a roadmap so that I could find the route on my own under her guidance.  She empowered me and always reminded me of my strengths and my values while also encouraging me to grow.  I never felt judged. Since I have started working with Noa I am able to recognize my values and priorities.  I feel as though my negative thoughts and anxieties have been replaced by positive encouraging ones.  Noa makes me feel in control and empowered.  I am more in tune with my feelings and my lifelong goals and feel less guilty about my choices.  She gives me a concrete way of approaching what used to feel like abstract, vague issues. I feel like I have a partner who really cares about my growth, my inner happiness, and my success.  She is my cheerleader.  I am so grateful for Noa.  I wouldn't be the woman I am today without her. As challenging scenarios arise in my life I just smile and remind myself that it is just fueling my sessions with Noa. She feels my sadness and celebrates my successes. I would definitely recommend Noa to anyone who wants to make some positive changes in their life and who is invested in growing." Shira Picard, OTR/L


"Noa Ronen's presentation about the Being of Leadership was amazing and life transforming!! I discovered some entirely different ways of thinking.   I am still pondering about the ideas that she helped generate in my mind.  She actually helped me to think in a new way!! She helped me to think differently.  I am very grateful for the experience!! Marie Snider Speaks, Speaker and presentation trainer