Be realistic: Do the impossible!
— — Paris students during the 1968 student rebellion,

Dare to BE

Who is the leader you are NOT being right now?
What are you NOT daring to do?
Since 2001, I help Individuals, teams, and  leaders to Dare.
I invite them to make bold decisions through organizational and personal transitions that start with their leadership and transform the way they communicate with others.

My motto is very simple: "Instead of focusing on why others do things differently than you (or you do things differently than others), try to see things differently."  
Dare to BE is about making new choices about the way you lead so you can influence and inspire others to follow or support while staying true to who you are and see impactful RESULTS.

The four dares:

  • Dare to BE Honest
  • Dare to Experiment (vs perfecting)
  • Dare without Excuses
  • Dare to Care about the Different

My Clients are individuals and teams who are ready to step into leadership or take a big leap with their career or leadership that mostly will be against what everyone else thinks they should do. With the fire to create this change comes the fear of challenging where they are, but mostly the result is that by challenging themselves they impact and challenge others to see things differently. My clients are passionate, get it done leaders who care about the community and believe in creating an impact through creativity, collaboration and sustainable processes.

It is not always easy to be a change catalyst (mostly it is very challenging). Some of my clients will shy away from their own strengths, while others will feel uncomfortable knowing that being who they are can scare others. But they will do everything that they can to find courage and lead because in their heart they know how important is the change that they are going to create. because they believe in the value of community, the value of integrity, they believe in being kind and mostly in the importance of collaboration.


I provide four types of services that are all connected to my message of Dare to Be:

  • Personal Coaching - we will meet in person or through the phone to work on your goals. When we have our first consultation call and I learn from you about your needs and goals we will also discuss how long I assess that it will take us to work together.
  • Coaching Programs - since coaching is a new profession that can sometimes feel like you don't know when you start and when it will end, some clients like to know the precise breakdown of our work. This is why I designed the Dare to BE coaching programs. You know exactly what you get. You know what you will discuss in each session, you have a booklet with exercises that includes preparation work for each session and homework. There is a fixed price that you pay in advance and bonus free personality assessment.
  • Team Coaching - this is a customized program and requires a longer conversation with the organization.
  • Speaking - I love speaking about the being of leadership vs doing leadership, contact me to discuss more details. Read what clients say.


I believe that we are all leaders, you don't need to be a CEO or President of an organization to be a leader. The problem is that most programs focus on the how to that we believe will bring the desired results. But the reality is that we are different people and we can follow all steps in one way that will bring results and we can follow the steps and don't see results. When you understand what is preventing you from daring; When you understand what is preventing you from speaking in a way that others will follow your vision or support you - this is when you become the person you are NOT right now.

I did all the mistakes:

  • I followed the how to's
  • I tried to fake it
  •  I was doing everything to NOT dare myself to take on the big leap
  • I created for my self the illusion that I am doing when I really was just doing to feel like I am creating, but nothing showed up.

My passion is to help you dare to be, so you can lead and create what you want from true passion and see results. When you start making new choices about the way you lead, influence and inspire others the transformative sustainable results will follow.  This is a place where your head, heart, and intuition are all united.


Help You Dare to BE the Person You Are NOT Right Now.


  • Honesty
  • Creativity
  • Diversity and respect to the different
  • Courage (while respecting the fear)
  • Experimenting
  • No excuses
  • Peace 
A goal is a dream with a deadline
— Napoleon Hill