Clients area

This is your area to get real and see what were your learnings points
since our last session.




The Check In form is a tool to help you reflect on your progress in between sessions and prepare to our coming session.


Getting to Know you Form

New clients. Before our first call I will ask you to fill out this form. It will help you come to the call feeling more clarity about what are the area that you would like to achieve in our work together. It is also an opportunity for me to get to know you better and serve you better as your coach.


True tilt personality assessment

Science has shown that people are too complex to just be labeled a type. If you have taken any other personality test, then you probably thought, "This is just like me! Sometimes." We recognize that people adapt to their situations so the True Tilt Profile is designed to help you discover your natural tendencies and how they can look at different times. The assessment cost is $39 and we will work together to understand where do you lean in moments of stress and how you can utilize this information to actionable steps that can help you strengthen your true self leadership without compromising on the results you want to see.