As a speaker and a coach, Noa stirs conscious leadership.

Noa encourages progressive social business leaders, executives, and individuals to never settle for the norm so they can achieve the change they want.

Who is the personal you are not daring yourself to be?
Daring is about defining on your own what is the norm, rather than allowing others to define it for you. When you dare, you lead yourself differently. It is how you are being with your goals, with your thoughts, with your actions. It is how you impact.

Let's have a different conversation that let go of the limitation of norms, that you give yourself permission to be fully you and helps you and your organization to stay on the course of your wanted change.

Stop flirting with your leadership - dare to be the leader you want to be


What if for an hour your audience could relax and know that they have permission to dream big and challenge the norms without feeling offbeat? What would be available then?
From keynote speeches to team workshops Noa invites her audience to think differently, to define their own norms so they can lead the change they care about and be the leader they want to be. Sometimes to be leader you want to be is to be fully you. Each talk is delivered with humor, messy stories and actionable strategies.
The audience will leave the room ready to use the unconventional DARE model which teaches them how to create a balanced leadership that is consistent and sustainable.

Noa Ronen / DisruptHR

“Noa’s coaching led me to take the bold steps needed to invest in myself, take control of my day to day decisions/actions and focus on my leadership with confidence.”
— Non Profit Executive

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Daring is not about taking the action,
daring is about staying with the action when you feel weak.
— Noa Ronen



So here we are, you are about to create the change you care about. How could you stay on your course without settling on the norms? If you are still flirting with change let's work together to breakthrough the barriers and achive your goals through coaching. 

What is your biggest barrier?
For some the barrier is to start, while for others who already started, the barrier is to stay on the path of change without failing (again?), and there is a third group which is not afraid of failing, their fear is to shine.

What's next?
Learn how to FOCUS on what’s important rather than on your assumptions about how you should be. The truth is that the bigger the leap is the bigger the obstacles will be. I will help you identify your norms, stay on the course of the change and create (with joy and awareness) consistent and sustainable results.

Schedule a "design your vision" coaching call with Noa.
Speak with Noa and to design your coaching plan that will lead you toward meaningful and sustainable results.

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“I know that most people call you when they need your help with fixing something in their life/business. Today I wanted to call and celebrate with you achieving my business and life goals. It is all because of the tools you shared with me and believing in me when I was not able to believe in myself. I can’t believe I live my biggest leap. I still fear, but you gave me the tools to connect with people, get support and listen to my fears without reacting to them. Thank you!.”
— Business owner, AZ


getting messy blog

My messy blog is my way of walking my talk of getting messy and being okay with sharing uncomfortable situations that make me and my clients grow. 

Getting messy as I define it, is experimenting with your goals to identify what works for you rather than what works for others. When the focus shifts from perfecting to experimenting stress goes down and creativity goes up.
When creativity goes up, your motivation goes up and you see consistent results. Because you created a process that works for you.