My mission is to



Who is the leader you are not daring yourself to be?
I coach leaders, teams and individuals who go through personal change or lead a cultural change and know that if they want to create an impact in our world it starts with them. No matter where you are right now on your path to create the change  I invite you to think what is the impact that you would like to create in this world and why is it so important to you? 
Many programs will teach you the doing of leadership but my focus is to help you learn how to walk your talk of change and inspire others to join you and support you in this change. Research shows that leaders who inspire others bring the most results.  
Here is the deal to impact others you need to inspire, to inspire you need to be real and honest, which means walk your talk, when you are real and you walk your talk people connect with you and trust you and then people will follow you, support you and/or hire you. This is the difference between doing leadership and being a leader. So who is the person you are not daring yourself to be?


“Her accent is an opportunity for you to listen
first to her and then to others differently”



I find two main reasons that my clients don't get the results they want
Do you walk your talk?
When you walk your talk, when you dare you inspire others. Research shows that  inspiration is one of the best tools for leaders, business owners and individuals to bring results. How can you hold yourself in a way that inspire others to follow your ideas and bring results?
is your doing is meaningful, impactful, consistent and sustainable, or just an illusion of doing?
In today's world where the working pace is faster and in addition there are so many tools, resources and distractions, I hear again and again individuals and teams who crave focus. If you feel you, or your team are lacking the meaningful doing that will create impactful and sustainable results I can help you identify what is missing in your process, and bring the mindset that the doing is aligned with your values and any other compass that leads your way.


“If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there”
— Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


For me Daring is not about being courageous, for me daring is to keep pushing yourself to stay with uncomfortable situations and emotions even when you are not sure where you are heading. Many of my clients share the sense of feeling lost in the process of change. They expected one result and now they are on a different pat than expected. Being lost is a sign that you are ready to DARE. Lost is a place that connect us with our survival need, when we need to survive the only option left is to connect with our resourcefulness and find solutions, this is a good sign that  you are ready to take the big leap and create the needed change. To allow yourself to Dare you need to BE in a mindset that allows you to access creativity, be okay with mistakes and getting messy. When we create a work environment and head space that en-courage us to make mistakes, experiment and play our mindset and organizational culture shift.

getting messy

getting messy is different than being messy. Being messy is about beating yourself up for failing, for doing mistakes, or for not doing. Getting messy is about aiming for results,  but without labeling your goals as achieving only one result that has to be perfect . You are willing to start when things are not perfect, but when you start there is a sense of moving forward and being okay with correcting results while being on the move, this is when you shift from perfecting to experimenting. Most of us wait until everything is perfect and then nothing shows up, or even worse when we start but we put so much pressure on perfection that our mindset doesn't allow us to achieve any results...
My blog is my way of impacting others by walking my talk of getting messy and sharing my learning points with you and to a larger audience on stage.