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You decided to lead a change or step into a new life path. Now when you are on the path of change things don't look as you anticipated.
How can you dare yourself to stay on this path when everything is so challenging and different than what you have expected?  How can you keep trusting your decisions and take the next step when you feel lost? How can you communicate your vision with others and make them trust you?
Who can you trust to consult about your challenges right now?


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transition coaching

language and communication barriers

My clients:
social leaders,  diverse teams,
Business owners
AND individuals in transition

“My accent is an opportunity for you to listen
first to me and then to others differently”
— Noa Ronen

Dare Model

The DARE Model is the result of my 20 years of work in the change field  as a change management consultant, HR and Talent and Development professional and as a coach. The DARE model, like me, is diverse and incorporate east and west ideas with old and new philosophies. The ancient philosophers had wisdom we should not ignore and I can see that when I incorporate mindfulness, and other ancient techniques with the modern reality, teams, leaders and individuals feel much more balanced, connected and focused to bring results and get things done. 
to learn more about the DARE model click here.

getting messy

Getting messy is different than being messy. Being messy is about beating yourself up for your mistakes, or for procrastinating. Getting messy is about aiming to achieve goals rather than achieving a goal .
You are willing to start when things are not perfect, you feel okay with correcting yourself while still being on the move. The focus changes from from perfecting to experimenting and the stress goes down and creativity goes up.

My messy blog is my way of walking my talk of getting messy and being okay with sharing uncomfortable situations that make me and my clients grow. 




In today's world where the working pace is faster and faster, and our daily work piled with too many tools, resources, assessments and other distractions what most people struggle with is their ability to focus.

1. Walk your talk - research shows that inspiration is one of the genuine qualities to help leaders get results. How can you hold yourself in a way that inspires others to follow your ideas and bring results? When you walk your talk, and you dare to encourage others, things get done!
2. Meaningful doing - is your doing is meaningful, impactful, consistent and sustainable, or just an illusion of doing?

Let me help you identify what is missing in your process, and bring the mindset that aligned with your values and any other internal compass that leads your way.

“If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there”
— Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland