As a speaker and a coach, Noa stirs conscious leadership.

Noa encourages progressive leaders, executives, social leaders and individuals to never settle for the norm so they can achieve the change they want.

To Be or Not to BE? Who is the Person You are Not Daring Yourself to be?
Daring is about self-leadership, it is about giving yourself permission to design and define your norms. When you dare, you stay with the actions even though you might feel weak. You create a different leadership that Noa calls BEyond Leadership.

BEyond Leadership - Your leadership Your Terms.
You probably heard the buzz words: “inspiring” “Influencing” “Impactful”- but beyond the buzz words - what do they mean to you as a leader?
Let's have a different conversation that let go of the limitation of the norms and let you define what does it look like when you are at your best, and bring the best in others.

This is when your leadership move: Beyond You, Beyond your vision, Beyond your values - you lead while paying attention to the system and the wants and needs of others.


From keynote speeches to team workshops Noa invites her audience to think differently, to define their own norms so they can lead the change they care about and be the leader they want to be. There are many tools and techniques to help us become better leaders or business owners. The problem is that when we go back to the office we face the reality of our modern life; there are too many distractions and changes that keep us from implementing those tools and create consistent results. We go back to what we know.

From AwareLess to Awareness (with some AwareMess)
Noa is a thought provocative speaker that intentionally enCourages her audience to explore a new way of thinking and being. The audience is able to identify some of their blind spots, what Noa calls a state of AwareLess and understand how they can move to Awareness leadership what Noa calls: BEyond Leadership, where we feel open, welcome, owning our values and vision.

The Problem is that when we lead a change, or the challenge arises and the stress level is high, we step away of conscious leadership and move to what we know - our old autopilot behaviors and thoughts.

The audience will leave equipped with the BEyond model that provides the structure and actionable steps of looking beyond self leadership and self reflection and learn how to bring ourselves back to BEyond point when the stress arises.

Noa Ronen / DisruptHR

“Noa’s coaching led me to take the bold steps needed to invest in myself, take control of my day to day decisions/actions and focus on my leadership with confidence.”
— Non Profit Executive

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Daring is not about taking the action,
daring is about staying with the action when you feel weak.
— Noa Ronen



So here we are, you are about to create the change you care about. How could you stay on your course without settling on the norms? If you are still flirting with your vision let's work together to breakthrough the barriers and achieve your goals through coaching. 

What is your biggest barrier?
For some the barrier is to start, while for others who already started, the barrier is to stay on the path of change without failing (again?), and there is a third group which is not afraid of failing, their fear is to shine.

The Challenge:
There are many tools and techniques to help us be better leaders or business owners. The problem is that when we go back to the office there are too many distractions that keep us from implementing those tools and create consistent results.

What's next?
The truth is that the bigger the leap is the bigger the obstacles will be. My role is to help you see your blind spots and move from AwareLESS to Awareness. This is a new way of being that keeps you on course, you become a conscious leader. Your actions will create consistent and sustainable results - what I call BEyond leadership.

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“I know that most people call you when they need your help with fixing something in their life/business. Today I wanted to call and celebrate with you achieving my business and life goals. It is all because of the tools you shared with me and believing in me when I was not able to believe in myself. I can’t believe I live my biggest leap. I still fear, but you gave me the tools to connect with people, get support and listen to my fears without reacting to them. Thank you!.”
— Business owner, AZ


getting messy blog

My messy blog is my way of walking my talk of getting messy and being okay with sharing uncomfortable situations that make me and my clients grow. 

Getting messy as I define it, is experimenting with your goals to identify what works for you rather than what works for others. When the focus shifts from perfecting to experimenting stress goes down and creativity goes up.
When creativity goes up, your motivation goes up and you see consistent results. Why? because you created a process that works for you.